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The MAGA Girl Community, is changing the negative stereotype around what it means to be a right-of-center woman—and usher in a new generation of Conservative Constitutionalist. “There’s kind of this tendency of viewing conservative women as stuck in the past, I think particularly when it comes to the workplace, and that’s just so far from the reality that we’re seeing,” Denise Leyba founder of the MAGA Girls says. “The conservative women I know are smart, strong and dynamic, and values a successful career just as much as having a family. These women want to preserve our Constitution, American values, keep teaching our children respect and values" 

“When people think of ‘conservative’ and ‘Republican,’ they think, ‘Those are those white guys that make decisions about my body,'” “And that’s not the case. That’s not this movement.” MAGA Girls are true patriotic American Activist. We stand up and fight against corruption in our communities, not just for our fellow Americans but for those who even oppose us. In the end, if our Freedoms are taken away, so will theirs. We believe in Freedom of speech, Freedom to bare arms, and we believe that our Constitution was put forth for ALL AMERICANS!

As the founder of the MAGA Girls my intentions behind the brand was never to bring division or participate in it. MAGA is an act of making your Country of America Great. I stand with those who also want to work in solidarity for love, unity without discrimination, and pride for our Nation. To join a MAGA Girl group in your state or start one, please scroll down & find a State link or email OfficialMAGAgirl@gmail.com


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         All items sold from the MAGA Girl website is 100% created for our patriot community, therefore we are not a profitable paid advertisement for others or live off it’s profitable resources. We are a nonprofit National group and all funds are circulated back into the group. This is home based, small office and all items are handmade. (Some t-shirts might be ordered in bulk, not necessary all will be made in the USA due to orders created on a un-paid volunteered bases. ) MAGA Girl was created to bring women of American together, to preserve our Constitution & MAGA. We appreciate your support not only for our National group of activists but your support in America.

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    Denise Zamora

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